Ideation, Strategy & Tools for Business

Hi, I'm Bret and I'm an entrepreneur, developer & investor based in Asbury Park, NJ. I offer strategic consulting to businesses looking to grow, innovate and overcome obstacles.

Ideation, Strategy & Tools for Business
I help launch & build companies.

I help launch & build companies.

Since 2002 I've been launching and growing startups and small businesses.

Over that time I've learned quite a few things about how to sell and market products and services, analyze customer data to spot trends, hire employees, raise capital, develop custom websites & software, leverage technology and build systems & processes to free up my time.

You can systemize success.

I've worked with and mentored hundreds entrepreneurs and helped build some pretty incredible communities here in Asbury Park & Monmouth County.

Whether you are just getting started, looking to grow or just stuck in a rut, I can help put a fresh set of eyes on a problem and help you work through whats holding you back.


Build a Business, Not A Job

Does it feel like being an entrepreneur feels more like working a low paying job?

Understand Your Business Fundamentals

Do you struggle with comprehending monthly financials, hiring good people, consistent marketing and just staying on top of it all?

Leveraging Technology to Build Better Systems

Discover how you can learn to use project management tools, GPTs & AI, and other productivity apps to work smarter, not harder.

Define Your Digital Strategy

Learn to craft digital solutions to help your brand or business build a loyal customer base.

Consulting (for)

Whether you are looking to start a business, starting on your investment journey or just looking for a second opinion or expert advice, here are a few top level areas where I can help.

<span class='primary-color'>M</span>AIN STREET & SMALL BUSINESS

Strategically gain freedom and buy back your time by building sustainable systems for you and your business.

<span class='primary-color'>R</span>EAL ESTATE INVESTORS

Build a successful REI business, focusing on commercial, multi-family, or short & mid-term rental properties.

<span class='primary-color'>S</span>TARTUPS & DIGITAL BRANDS

Elevate your startup with focused strategies in building teams, growing customer bases, understanding KPIs, and improving marketing.

<span class='primary-color'>C</span>USTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT

Expert software development for unique websites and apps, offering innovative solutions for your digital projects.

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Recent Writing

Recent articles, blog posts, thoughts, and other writing by me.

Streamlining Real Estate Investment Modeling with ChatGPT

Experimenting with ChatGPT, I built a web app that makes real estate investment modeling easier by enabling quick adjustments to share classes, GP/LP splits, and waterfalls.

Let's Dial Down The Friction

Asbury FRESH has set itself apart by consistently reducing and strategically reintroducing friction in our operations to create a better customer experience.

The Subtle Art of Incremental Change

Pivoting in business doesn't have to equal making drastic changes. Small, yet measurable, incremental adjustments often prove to be a better option for most small business owners.

The Vulnerable Truth About Our Early Struggles

Those first steps of our business are often glorified in hindsight, becoming epic tales of endurance and innovation. But as we embellish these memories, let's not forget the raw, real essence of our beginnings. Here's to embracing our past with honesty and pride.

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