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The Vulnerable Truth About Our Early Struggles

Those first steps of our business are often glorified in hindsight, becoming epic tales of endurance and innovation. But as we embellish these memories, let's not forget the raw, real essence of our beginnings. Here's to embracing our past with honesty and pride.

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Bet On Yourself, But Hedge Your Bets

Many first-time entrepreneurs dream of quitting unfulfilling jobs to start their own ventures. Over the years, I've learned the key isn't just taking the leap, but doing it with a strategic backup plan.

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2023 End of Year Reading List

My year end reflection on some of the thoughts and ideas that shaped my thinking in 2023.

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Learning to Surrender to the Madness

Control is an illusion. When facing challenges and opportunities, finding balance between the universe's harshness and beauty is key. Embracing this duality helps us navigate life with resilience and adaptability.

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Why Making Money Scared Me As A Business Owner

Confronting imposter syndrome has been a significant turning point for me, fundamentally altering my perspective on money and enriching my understanding of the multi-faceted value our businesses bring, both financially and in terms of community impact.

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The Universe Is Huge, Make Your Life Huge Too

Ever felt insignificant when contemplating the vastness of the universe? You're not alone. But what if this feeling of cosmic insignificance could actually make your life better?

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Infinite Bandwidth For My Infinite Punch List

More often than not I have an item lingering on my punch list that I just can’t seem to find the mental fortitude to tackle and my inaction makes it feel several orders of magnitude larger than reality.

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Why I Love To Travel But Hate Vacations

I love the feeling of settling into a new place for an extended period of time - the local faces who become familiar, the moments of connection over new flavors, and the sense of adventure that comes with waking up somewhere new and embracing it as home.

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What Happened That Time Someone Hit The Reset Switch

A little over three years ago the world came to a grinding halt. Here are some thoughts and lessons learned 3 years out from when it all just stopped.

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