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Elevate your startup with focused strategies in building teams, growing customer bases, understanding KPIs, and improving marketing.

A Holistic Approach To Building Your Startup

Launching a startup means more than just having a really good idea – it’s about turning that vision into reality.

From an innovative idea with market-disrupting potential to transitioning a product from concept to reality, or gaining momentum with a new launch, each phase of your journey is vital.

Recognizing and navigating these stages is key to your success.

You might also be on the lookout for key players like a developer, designer, or technical founder.

While I won’t step into the technical founder shoes, I’m here to guide you in finding one and navigating the early stages of your start-up journey.

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Build Your Technical Team

Building a top-notch tech team goes beyond just hiring skills; it’s about creating the right team culture.

My approach covers everything from forming dynamic dev & product teams to providing strategic fractional CTO services and applying extensive full-stack development expertise to propel your tech projects forward.

I specialize in carefully selecting and guiding technical talent, ensuring seamless communication and efficiency.

Here are a few ways I can help:

Build A Technical Team

I can assist you in your hiring or augmenting your existing design and developer team to help you move faster.

Fractional CTO

Not ready for a full time CTO? I can serve as a fractional technical advisor in the interim.

I'll help with building timelines, accountability, and vetting talent.

Software Development

I've been a full stack developer for over 15 years and have built everything from small marketing sites to full on SaaS products, Marketplaces, and Mobile Apps.

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Develop A Marketing Strategy

Forget throwing ideas at the wall - strategic precision is key.

Working with me means honing in on three essential areas: devising lead gen strategies that genuinely bolster your pipeline, crafting pricing models that balance profitability with growth, and shaping distinct marketing plans as individualized as your products themselves.

Let’s cut through the noise and create marketing strategies that truly deliver.

Here are a few ways I can help:

Lead Gen Strategies

Learn to build and feed your sales funnel and customer base using both time tested and creative ways.

Pricing Strategies

Develop profitable pricing structures for your products & services in a way that balances revenue generation without sacrificing growth.

Marketing Plans

Every product needs a unique approach as it pertains to social media, PPC, SEO/SEM, & community building strategies.

Create Your Toolkit to Raise Capital

Raising capital requires more than just a great business idea; it needs a compelling narrative and solid numbers to back it up.

From crafting persuasive pitch decks that capture your vision, to meticulous projection analysis for convincing financial arguments, and refining KPIs to truly measure and drive success, my expertise is geared towards turning your fundraising efforts into a resounding success.

The journey from vision to reality isn’t just about a solid plan; it’s about creating a narrative and data that captivate and convince.

Here are a few ways I can help:

Crafting Pitch Decks

Master the art of storytelling to effectively communicate your vision. Together, we'll create compelling pitch decks that resonate with investors, banks, strategic partners, and even potential hires.

Projection Analysis

Navigate the complexities of financial models with ease. Whether it's for banks or investors, I'll assist in developing and reviewing detailed financial projections that support your business case.

KPI Development

Shift your focus from vanity metrics to truly meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs). Together, we'll refine your KPIs to ensure they accurately reflect and drive your business's growth and success.


The Vulnerable Truth About Our Early Struggles Companion Worksheet

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An exercise to help you truthfully analyze the past to make better decisions today.

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Coffee Consultation & Strategy Session

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Book a 60-90 minute coffee meeting to delve into the specifics of your business.

This time can be used to address particular challenges and explore practical strategies.

Choose between an in-person or virtual meet-up, where we'll concentrate on providing you with concrete guidance and custom strategies.

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