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Build a successful REI business, focusing on commercial, multi-family, or short & mid-term rental properties.

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I bought my first commercial property in 2016 after realizing three important things every business owner should realize:

  1. It’s Accessible - Owning your office or storefront is way more accessible than most of us realize.

  2. It Saves You Money - Pricing & location stability allows us to better control costs, save money on taxes, and focus on growth.

  3. It Guarantees An Exit - For most small businesses, this underlying real estate asset is your exit strategy.

I’m now driven to revitalize real estate with creative, exciting ventures.

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Maybe you’re renting a commercial storefront or office and you’d like to buy the building or partner with your landlord?

Perhaps you’re looking to get into AirBnb & Short Term Rentals but not sure how a bank will underwrite the deal?

Maybe you’re looking to build an income generating portfolio for your kids college?

Regardless of your goals, finding a deal and funding it requires both financial acumen and creativity.

When you work with me, I can help you map out a clear and actionable path and offer advice on how to get find and fund your property.

Here are a few ways I can help:

Financial Modeling

Creating and reviewing financial models for banks and investors.


Ideation and strategy sessions on building a sustainable business.

Selling Your Vision

Learn to crafting a unique and inspiring vision that others will rally around.

Time Management

Building your team, processes and technology stack to better value your time.

Manage Your Workload

Creating Standard Operating Practices (SOPs) to automate recurring workflow.

Creative Marketing

Marketing campaigns and initives to attract customers and generate recurring business.

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So you just closed on your property and it’s time to get down to executing on your vision.

Whether it’s coming up with a design that fits your budget, hiring and vetting a construction manager, or working with professional services, I can help.

There’s a unique satisfaction when months of planning lead to the first strike of the hammer.

Here are a few ways I can help:

Project Management

Managing contractors, budgets & schedules can be tricky and require balancing empathy with clear communication.

Designing & Decorating

Designing a space that fits in a budget can be tricky and I can provide insights on ways to value engineer savings without compromising vision.

Building Local Support

From bulk variances to non-confirming properties & more, I can help you work with local communities & government to sell your vision.

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Running a short & mid-term rental business is both hands on and customer facing. It’s certainly one of the most ‘business like’ types real estate investment.

You’re going to need to create a unique yet tasteful experience for guests, manage employees, and

Here are a few ways I can help:

Build A Beautful Space

Creating a beautiful brand & space is more than furniture selections, accent walls, and amenities

Learn how to create a cohesive and tasteful brand that permeates your guest's entire experience.

Get Off Platform

AirBnb, VRBO, and Booking.com charge an average of 17.5% on top of your nightly rate.

Learn strategies to move them 'off platform' and save everyone some money.

Operate Like A Pro

Successful operators realize early on that they are in the hospitality business.

Learn how we manage pricing, cleaning, repairs, communications, security & keeping guests happy.

Check Our My Short & Mid-Term Rental Resources

Download my FREE Short & Mid-Term Rental Furnishing Organizer and learn how we design our spaces.


The Vulnerable Truth About Our Early Struggles Companion Worksheet

$0.00 Just Added!

An exercise to help you truthfully analyze the past to make better decisions today.

The companion worksheet to this post

Short & Mid-Term Rental Starter Bundle

$99.00 Just Added!

This bundle includes PREMIUM versions of following products:

Short & Mid-Term Rental Furnishing Organizer

Short & Mid-Term Rental Sample Guestbook

Sample Prospectus & Pitch Deck for Real Estate Investors

Sample Prospectus & Pitch Deck for Real Estate Investors

$0.00 - $55.00

A captivating prospectus and pitch deck template and outline real estate investors can use for their own projects.

This is not just any template; it's proven and previously used for successfully raising capital.

Available in FREE and PREMIUM versions.

Short & Mid-Term Rental Furnishing Organizer

$0.00 - $55.00

Looking to streamline furnishing your short or mid-term rental?

Our Short & Mid-Term Rental Furnishing Organizer will save you hours!

It’s a straightforward, customizable tool designed to save time and keep you organized.

Available in FREE and PREMIUM versions.

Short & Mid-Term Rental Sample Guestbook

$0.00 - $55.00

Creating a guestbook is a critical step for any short or mid-term rental property, and we know it can be a time-consuming task.

Skip the hassle with our ready-to-use guestbook package.

It's more than just a template—it’s the actual guestbook we use at The Surf Village, proven effective over several busy rental seasons.

Available in FREE and PREMIUM versions.

Coffee Consultation & Strategy Session

$99.00 - $149.00

Book a 60-90 minute coffee meeting to delve into the specifics of your business.

This time can be used to address particular challenges and explore practical strategies.

Choose between an in-person or virtual meet-up, where we'll concentrate on providing you with concrete guidance and custom strategies.

And of course, the coffee's my treat.

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