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My Simple Formula To Make You A Luckier Person

My method of increasing luck involves a blend of action, sharing, and authenticity, emphasizing that proactive engagement and forming genuine connections can lead to a more fortuitous life.

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My Secret To A Perfect Life In An Imperfect World

Reflecting on a summer evening, I ponder the contrast between personal contentment and global turmoil, emphasizing the importance of gratitude and self-awareness in navigating life's complexities and acknowledging the imperfections and challenges alongside the joys.

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Working Hard Vs. Living A Full Life

I discuss the struggle of balancing hard work with living a full life, reflecting on my journey from embracing extreme hustle culture to indulging in leisure, and ultimately finding a middle path that values both hard work and self-care.

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You Need To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

I explore how limiting beliefs affect entrepreneurs differently at various stages, using my own experiences to illustrate how these beliefs can evolve and impact decision-making, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and overcoming them for personal and business growth.

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There Will Be A Last Time For Everything

Reflecting on life's transient nature, I contemplate the inevitability of 'last times' for various experiences, recognizing the choice to fully embrace each moment or pass through life distracted, highlighting the beauty in endings and the importance of connection.

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Creating Playbooks For Business & Life

Free up your time and be more productive by creating Standard Operating Procedures in your business and life.

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The Gun Control Issue

#### Something I’m Thinking About As a father of 3 young kids the most recent school shooting in Uvalde, TX last week has shaken me considerably — shamefully, more so than similar incidents have in the past.

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Two Types Of Morning Routines

How we start our days can set the entire temperament and pace for the remainder of it.

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Social Tokens To Serve Local Economies

#### Something I’m Thinking About I’ve been thinking quite a bit about [social tokens](https://www.

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