There Will Be A Last Time For Everything

Reflecting on life's transient nature, I contemplate the inevitability of 'last times' for various experiences, recognizing the choice to fully embrace each moment or pass through life distracted, highlighting the beauty in endings and the importance of connection.
There Will Be A Last Time For Everything

Life is full of lasts.

There will be a last time I change a diaper, drive my kid to school, or wake up with a toddler cuddling me for comfort while he dreams away.

There will be a last time I ride a bike, get on my yoga mat, start or end a business, ride a motorcycle through the jungles of Indonesia or lay on a beach in Nicaragua, Toña in hand.

There will be a last time I get on an airplane, or a surfboard, visit a museum, go to a concert, finish a book, listen to a song, hike to the top of a mountain or volcano, or pour another glass of wine over a good conversation with a friend, fully aware we will both pay for it in the morning.

There will be a last time I have friends over for dinner, eat at a new restaurant, go to a BBQ or a pot luck, birthday party, a wedding or even a funeral.

There will be a last time I hug my parents or look into my wife Justine’s eyes before one of us moves on from this existence.

This may seem heartbreaking but I like to think there is beauty in an ending.

I think it presents me with a choice.

Do I want to try and cultivate a life where I fully embrace these moments, good and bad, or merely pass on through - working too much, staring at a screen for too long, forgoing dreams, and never really connecting with myself or those around me?

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