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That Time We Rode Out A Hurricane In El Salvador

Some travel adventure writing about the time my family and I went to El Salvador and a hurricane hit us.

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Are You Managing Your Short Term Rental Properly?

Originally published in 2022, here is my current list of tools I use in managing our short term rental business.

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Your Business Shouldn't Need You

I loathe the concept of 'hustle culture' and if you have been following me for even a short amount of time, it’s pretty clear that I firmly reject it.

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Staying Humble The Hard Way

Lessons in humility I picked up while having a sketchy encounter with a jetty while surfing.

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Here's Why You Shouldn'T Finish Everything You Start

It's okay to leave tasks unfinished and prioritize your well-being, learning to set boundaries and intentionally create space for relaxation, which can lead to a more focused and fulfilling life.

We Need To Be Proud Of Our Achievements

Reflecting on the inaugural guest arrival at The Surf Village, I realize the importance of taking a moment to appreciate our achievements and the collective effort of the team, balancing pride with gratitude.

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Your Practice Is Your Training

My Ashtanga Yoga journey since 2007 has taught me that consistent practice is the truest form of training, guiding my evolution from student to teacher and continually deepening my understanding and skills.

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I Think You Should Put Your Phone Away

Reflecting on a recent digital detox while camping in the Catskills, I realized the power of disconnecting

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Why You Should Probably Start Neglecting Your Goals

Adopting a strategy of intentional neglect towards non-essential tasks can surprisingly be an effective way to stay focused and achieve your major goals

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