How To Kickstart A Personal Evolution

Break free from the constraints of your past and the labels you've been assigned; I encourage you to boldly question your current existence and embrace the transformative journey of personal evolution by taking risks and exploring new possibilities.
How To Kickstart A Personal Evolution

Your past is the past.

You were not you.

You were a fraction of all you presently encompass.

I hope in 6 months, 1 year, a decade you look back and you feel the same way about yourself in this current moment.

At least I do.

It’s all too easy to label someone as “that type of person” — maybe it’s someone who you think “peaked” in high school, or is really good at a sport or knows how to throw a really big party.

It’s even easier to label ourselves as someone who has or doesn’t have **.

I beg you to realize that we always possess the ability to move past these labels.

We can change.

We can evolve.

The unfortunate reality is that it’s usually too convenient to maintain status quo.

Deep down we crave a shift, but still refuse to question our current state of existence.

But what would happen if you took that risk?

What would happen if you JUST quit your job?

How would life change if you ended that relationship that wasn’t serving you?

What would happen if you stopped letting your past define you?

How can you learn to drop your labels?

What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen?

Or if we reframe it — what personal evolution might you kickstart?

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