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The Vulnerable Truth About Our Early Struggles

Those first steps of our business are often glorified in hindsight, becoming epic tales of endurance and innovation. But as we embellish these memories, let's not forget the raw, real essence of our beginnings. Here's to embracing our past with honesty and pride.

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Bet On Yourself, But Hedge Your Bets

Many first-time entrepreneurs dream of quitting unfulfilling jobs to start their own ventures. Over the years, I've learned the key isn't just taking the leap, but doing it with a strategic backup plan.

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2023 End of Year Reading List

My year end reflection on some of the thoughts and ideas that shaped my thinking in 2023.

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Learning to Surrender to the Madness

Control is an illusion. When facing challenges and opportunities, finding balance between the universe's harshness and beauty is key. Embracing this duality helps us navigate life with resilience and adaptability.

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Why Making Money Scared Me As A Business Owner

Confronting imposter syndrome has been a significant turning point for me, fundamentally altering my perspective on money and enriching my understanding of the multi-faceted value our businesses bring, both financially and in terms of community impact.

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Infinite Bandwidth For My Infinite Punch List

More often than not I have an item lingering on my punch list that I just can’t seem to find the mental fortitude to tackle and my inaction makes it feel several orders of magnitude larger than reality.

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Let's Not Get Stuck In Our Ways, Now

Striving to excel in my craft while acknowledging that my methods are just one among many, I believe, is key to reducing conflict, achieving better balance, and leading a happier life, a goal that is essential not only for entrepreneurs and creatives but for everyone.

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Being Bilingual In Business And Art

It's often a misconception that one must choose between being an entrepreneur and an artist, as integrating business acumen with creative expression can lead to innovative and successful endeavors.

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Your End Of Year Goal Setting Is Probably Useless

Some sarcasm laden advice on crushing your goals.

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How To Kickstart A Personal Evolution

Break free from the constraints of your past and the labels you've been assigned; I encourage you to boldly question your current existence and embrace the transformative journey of personal evolution by taking risks and exploring new possibilities.

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Finding Gratitude In An Ending

August of 2002 marked the start of my journey as an entrepreneur. Two decades on, I talk a bit about my experiences.

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Your Business Shouldn't Need You

I loathe the concept of 'hustle culture' and if you have been following me for even a short amount of time, it’s pretty clear that I firmly reject it.

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Here's Why You Shouldn'T Finish Everything You Start

It's okay to leave tasks unfinished and prioritize your well-being, learning to set boundaries and intentionally create space for relaxation, which can lead to a more focused and fulfilling life.

I Think You Should Put Your Phone Away

Reflecting on a recent digital detox while camping in the Catskills, I realized the power of disconnecting

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Why You Should Probably Start Neglecting Your Goals

Adopting a strategy of intentional neglect towards non-essential tasks can surprisingly be an effective way to stay focused and achieve your major goals

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My Simple Formula To Make You A Luckier Person

My method of increasing luck involves a blend of action, sharing, and authenticity, emphasizing that proactive engagement and forming genuine connections can lead to a more fortuitous life.

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Working Hard Vs. Living A Full Life

I discuss the struggle of balancing hard work with living a full life, reflecting on my journey from embracing extreme hustle culture to indulging in leisure, and ultimately finding a middle path that values both hard work and self-care.

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You Need To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

I explore how limiting beliefs affect entrepreneurs differently at various stages, using my own experiences to illustrate how these beliefs can evolve and impact decision-making, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and overcoming them for personal and business growth.

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Creating Playbooks For Business & Life

Free up your time and be more productive by creating Standard Operating Procedures in your business and life.

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Social Tokens To Serve Local Economies

#### Something I’m Thinking About I’ve been thinking quite a bit about [social tokens](https://www.

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My Easy Way To Create Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are Meta’s answer to TikTok and over the past year or two, the platform has been significantly driving user engagement via this feature.

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How I Like To Approach Marketing

Insights on marketing new ventures, emphasizing organizing marketing strategies, differentiating between lead and lag measures, and implementing effective processes for business growth.

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How I Use Travel For Inspiration In My Business (And Life) Ventures

Travel offers inspiration when it comes to all of my business endevours.

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When Finding Your Passion Isn’t Enough

We hear a lot about finding your passion and doing something that truly fulfills you but lately I’ve been thinking that perhaps this isn’t the best approach for most people.

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