Let's Not Get Stuck In Our Ways, Now

Striving to excel in my craft while acknowledging that my methods are just one among many, I believe, is key to reducing conflict, achieving better balance, and leading a happier life, a goal that is essential not only for entrepreneurs and creatives but for everyone.
Let's Not Get Stuck In Our Ways, Now

Constrained creativity is how ideas blossom.

But the same constraints, when applied consistently, will lead to average outcomes.

And who wants to be average?

We need to learn to strike a balance as to when constraints should be applied or removed.

It’s OK to break rules — especially when the timing is right, when they’re holding us back or if you see them leading to repetitive outcomes.

However, when you decide to break the rules, you need to be careful.

You still need a firm understanding of them.

Nothing screams amateur like someone who goes against the common sense wisdom of an idea they clearly have no mastery of.

When we commit to this mental flexibility we are able to evolve past our current world view and beliefs system. 

We are able to play around with new ways of thinking, creating and working through challenges.

Sometimes our choices will lead us in circles or down dead ends.

But sometimes we’ll find ourselves stumbling upon new ideas, clearer answers and embracing other perspectives.

All of this gets us closer to “how things are” versus “how we think they are”.

So where does this ultimately lead us?

  • We start to build a product or offer a service customers will pay money for versus building what we think they will want.

  • When offered new opportunities, we are better equipped to make a decision versus defaulting to yes or no.

  • We’re able to sidestep our own ego, trust the advice of others and do what is best for our business, our family and ourselves.

Training ourselves not to get stuck in our ways is a lifelong practice.

Maintaining a balance of striving to be a master of my craft while recognizing that my views and processes are just “one way of doing things” is a daily challenge.

I also think it leads to less conflict, better balance, and a happier life.

Learning how to live well, while maintaining this balance should be the goal of not just the entrepreneur or other creative, but everyone.

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