Here's Why You Shouldn't Finish Everything You Start

It's okay to leave tasks unfinished and prioritize your well-being, learning to set boundaries and intentionally create space for relaxation, which can lead to a more focused and fulfilling life.
Here's Why You Shouldn't Finish Everything You Start

It’s OK to have problems.

It’s OK to leave things undone.

It’s OK to have a never ending punch list of tasks that seems to get longer every day.

You don’t need to solve every issue that arises.

You don’t need to finish everything you start.

You sure as hell don’t need to keep working until you whittle that list to zero.

Learn to prioritize where your time is best served, hire good people where you can and leave the rest for another day (or never).

Put down that book that isn’t resonating with you.

Stop doing things that no longer serve your well being.

Know that unless you intentionally create space for nothing, something will fill the void.

Find comfort in this discomfort.

For most of us, we can’t (nor shouldn’t) stop the constant deluge of responsibilities thrown at us.

We do have the ability to define our relationship with them.

We also can choose to set clear boundaries around work, family, wellness or anything else we may prioritize.

This may mean we turn off notifications on our phones after 7PM or stay away from our computers on weekends.

It may also mean we commit to watching a sunrise or sunset on the beach twice a week, eating dinner as a family or going on a nightly bike ride.

It is very difficult to downshift, especially if you feel like you always need to “be on”, but when you intentionally slow down you will notice that you are able to focus better, live more fully, and perhaps even enjoy the ride a bit more.

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