Skill Stacking To Create Value

Learn how to extend your value by stacking unaligned skillsets.
Skill Stacking To Create Value

Stacking multiple skills creates value. 

What do I mean by this?

Let me share a personal example.

I’m good at taking a high level vision or idea and articulating it in a way that others want to rally behind it.

I’m also a software developer and can take an idea and build it.

Both of these skills create value in very different ways but I would reason that the combination creates extreme value.

Being an idea person who can speak relatively well is useful, but it’s not a highly unique skill — at the end of the day it all can be distilled down to being fluent at sales.

Being a programmer who can build websites or apps is a great skill, but unless you have an idea along with the ability to sell it, you’re probably going to be leveraging your skill set building other peoples products.

Now, stacking these two skills has allowed me to have an idea, build it and then go get other people excited about it.


Take 5-10 minutes and write down all the things that you’re good at.

From this list, start to pair your strengths.

Mix and match and see what you come up with.

Do you start to see something unique?

More importantly, is there anything that would be enjoyable?

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