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Why I Love To Travel But Hate Vacations

I love the feeling of settling into a new place for an extended period of time - the local faces who become familiar, the moments of connection over new flavors, and the sense of adventure that comes with waking up somewhere new and embracing it as home.

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The Uncomfortable Beauty Of Being Somewhere New

Some musings on those initial moments in an unfamiliar place and embracing the unpredictability and vulnerability of the first 24 hours in a new destination.

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That Time We Rode Out A Hurricane In El Salvador

Some travel adventure writing about the time my family and I went to El Salvador and a hurricane hit us.

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Staying Humble The Hard Way

Lessons in humility I picked up while having a sketchy encounter with a jetty while surfing.

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How To Travel Successfully With Young Kids

I get asked a lot how we travel with our toddler and quite honestly, my first thought is always “How do you not?”.

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How I Use Travel For Inspiration In My Business (And Life) Ventures

Travel offers inspiration when it comes to all of my business endevours.

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