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Why I Love To Travel But Hate Vacations

I love the feeling of settling into a new place for an extended period of time - the local faces who become familiar, the moments of connection over new flavors, and the sense of adventure that comes with waking up somewhere new and embracing it as home.

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Let's Not Get Stuck In Our Ways, Now

Striving to excel in my craft while acknowledging that my methods are just one among many, I believe, is key to reducing conflict, achieving better balance, and leading a happier life, a goal that is essential not only for entrepreneurs and creatives but for everyone.

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Why Putting Constraints On Your Creativity Is A Great Thing

Some thoughts on how constraints foster creativity and limitations can enhance focus, expedite decision-making, and lead to more meaningful outcomes.

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Being Bilingual In Business And Art

It's often a misconception that one must choose between being an entrepreneur and an artist, as integrating business acumen with creative expression can lead to innovative and successful endeavors.

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Balancing Creation Vs. Consumption

Why I like to call bullshit when someone tells me they don’t have time to devote to something to fuel their creative fire, aid in their well being or simply bring them happiness.

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Chasing Little Interests

I relate to Richard Feynman's approach to overcoming burnout, recognizing the need to balance intense work with personal interests and passions for overall fulfillment.

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When Finding Your Passion Isn’t Enough

We hear a lot about finding your passion and doing something that truly fulfills you but lately I’ve been thinking that perhaps this isn’t the best approach for most people.

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